Forbes editor gets drunk, posts dreadful China article

Strange to imagine there was once a time when Forbes had a Beijing correspondent. A time of dragons. “Ancient times.”

Yesterday, an editor at the venerable in-flight magazine of Trump Airlines published an article by one of its many, many, many useless contributors entitled ‘China Expert: I’m Drunk,’ in which the author has a chin-stroker of an evening with a China expert who admitted to having already sunk a bottle of claret and several jars.

The conversation indeed sounds like something one might overhear between Martin Jacques and a barstool around closing time at the Bull and Bear.

Expert FG


Other than being British, the writer of a recently “well-received book” and “not on Twitter,” the expert is unidentified but drunk, you say?

Expert 2


Sounds like he’s been drinking deep of the Cup of Tea.

This has the makings of a promising series: Maybe next week Forbes can huff paint with Dave Shambaugh and ask if he’s cracking up? Note: “Chinese conglomerate HNA Group is in talks to buy a controlling stake in the owner of the publisher of Forbes magazine”

Soon, this is how all China watching will be done

Soon, this is how all China watching will be done



UPDATE 25/4 15.04 – A reader alerts: Forbes seems to have taken down the article without comment

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