History Flashback – Our New Book in 90-Seconds

The China Simplified team returns with a sneak preview of their new book China Simplified: History Flashback. Many thanks to the cast of inspired actors for bringing the new book to life!

Cast (in order of appearance)

John Pasden
Chua Liwei
Zhang Ping
Wendy Saunders
Ray de Graaf
Yan Leqi
Patrick Donnelly
Andrew Ballen
Al Rocco
Yang Kanzhen


Director/Editor: Zhang Jiayi
Writer/Producer: Stewart Lee Beck, Sun Zhumin
Graphics: Yang Kanzhen
Lighting: Pan Yuanxin

Video Script

What really happened in China five thousand years ago?
Good question.
First came the Yellow Emperor.
And the Adam and Eve of China.
The who?
A Chinese dragon became a hero.
The Western dragon became a villain.
Then comes the Zi Crew.
Philosophers who blew everyone’s mind.

Big inventions.
8,000 stone warriors.
How the Great Wall compares to a missile defense system.
The Heroic Historian, who cheated death to finish his book.
And the most famous foreigner in Chinese history.
Wait. Who is it?
And OMG how eunuchs became eunuchs.
That’s about when Buddhism comes to China.
Whoa, the book simplifies Buddhism too?
So we get what happened here in China.
And there in the West.

Then we meet China’s hippies, the Seven Bamboo Sages.
Don’t forget Wu Zetian, our only female emperor.
No less dramatic than Egypt’s Cleopatra.
Plus the Floating CEO (who) led a massive fleet to the West.
The incredible Tang poets.
The Artist Emperor.
The Melancholy Murderer.
The what?

Shots fired in the Opium War.
Two northern tribes take over China.
The last dynasty collapses.
Enter the Fashion Icons.
The 20th century leaders…
Who changed China…

It’s all the best stories in 183 pages.
China Simplified’s History Flashback.
To understand modern China…
You’ve got to know some history.


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