Fable: 洗衣服 – Washing clothes

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In this quick lesson about judging others, we learn that those who live in dirty glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. HSK 2-3.
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Some language stuff

Most of the nouns and verbs in this story are HSK 1-3, pretty basic, but there are a couple of more advanced grammar words. First off, if you’re new to Chinese measure words, you’ll learn some new ones in here. We’ve got:

一对 yī duì – A pair (in this case, of people – a husband and wife)
一户 yī hù – A household
一番 yī fān- The measure word for a conversation or a block of speech

We’ve also got three words here specifically related to washing clothes and cleaning:

干净 gān jìng – To be clean
洗衣粉 xǐ yī fěn – Detergent (washing powder)
晾衣绳 liàng yī shéng – Washing line (dry clothes rope)
悬挂 xuán guà – To hang
cā – To wipe
清洗 qīng xǐ – To wash (something until it is clean)

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就这样每次邻居洗衣服,妻子都会这样评论对方一番。 大概一个月后,年轻的妻子惊奇地发现,邻居的晾衣绳上居然悬挂着一件干净的衣服,她大叫着对丈夫说:“快看!她学会洗衣服了。我想知道是谁教会她这个的呢?”



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A new neighbor moved in across from a young husband and wife. On the second morning, when they were eating breakfast, the young wife saw that the new neighbors were outside washing their clothes.

The wife said to the husband: “Those clothes haven’t been washed clean, perhaps the neighbor doesn’t know how to how clean them. Perhaps she needs better washing powder.”

The husband looked at his wife, and [sat] silent without speaking.

And so every time the neighbors washed their clothes, the wife would always comment in this way. About a month later, the young wife discovered to her surprise, an item of clean clothing was hung on the neighbors washing line, and she called loudly to her husband: “Quick, look! She learned how to wash clothes. I’d like to know who taught her this?”

Her husband, however, answered: “I got up early today, and washed the glass [on our windows].”

Before we make judgements, first we should look to see if our own “windows” are clean.

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