Hack Chinese stands with the AAPI community

When learning a foreign language, a deepened sense of empathy towards the people whose language you are borrowing is inevitable.

The more familiar you become with your adopted culture, the more you realize: for all our differences, we are all overwhelmingly the same.

We all love our families, and would do anything to protect them.

And we all care about our communities, and would go to great lengths to feel welcome in them.

In recent weeks, we have witnessed unconscionable acts of violence towards people of Asian heritage. No one should look away in the face of such hatred. As Americans, as humans, we must come together and state loud and clear that violence will never be tolerated.

For the next 30 days, we will be donating 5% of our sales to stopaapihate.org, an organization dedicated to standing up to racism against Asian Americans.

Among the Hack Chinese learning community, Chinese language and culture are hobbies for some, lifelong passions for others. It’s our time to give it back to the community.

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