China Black Pearl Restaurant Guide Released

As income levels and quality of life improve, Chinese people are also pursuing a more delicious, healthy and sophisticated diet. The “Black Pearl Restaurant Guide”, which has been published by Meituan since 2018, recommends restaurants from different cities for diners. Today, the guide has become a culinary benchmark for Chinese diners and is known as the Chinese version of “Michelin”.

Diners can view the “Black Pearl Restaurant Guide” for the current year and previous years on the Meituan App and Dazhong Dianping App as a reference for their choice of dining locations. Founded in April 2003 and now owned by Chinese Internet giant Meituan, Dazhong Dianping provides users with information services such as merchant information, consumer reviews and consumer offers, and you can think of it as the Chinese version of yelp (although it was founded before yelp).

The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide is judged by a board of directors, a jury and invited advisors, which include Chinese restaurant industry experts, culinary masters, renowned gourmets and other professionals. They use the three criteria of culinary level, experience and innovation as the judging criteria, and go to the nominated restaurants to try anonymously in the field, and give ratings and evaluation, and finally select the “Black Pearl Restaurant” of the year.

According to different social scenarios, the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide divides the listed restaurants into three levels: One-Diamond Restaurants (must-eat restaurants for parties), Two-Diamond Restaurants (must-eat restaurants for anniversaries), and Three-Diamond Restaurants (must-eat restaurants once in a lifetime).

On March 31, Meituan released its latest “2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide”, marking its fifth year of publishing this guide. This year, a total of 736 restaurants around the world were shortlisted, and 283 Diamond restaurants were finally selected. The restaurants cover 22 cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai, and four cities overseas, including New York, Bangkok, Singapore and Paris.

This time, we have compiled all the restaurants on the list in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as all the three-diamond restaurants in other regions, and attached them as PDF files for your reference only.

It is worth mentioning that the Black Pearl Diamond Grade was awarded by a jury, and the restaurant’s rating was calculated based on customers’ scores on four aspects: taste, environment, service and ingredients. As a result, there will be a situation where high diamond restaurants are rated lower than low diamond restaurants.

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