Do You Know How to Say “Night Owl” in Chinese?

Sleep is as important for good health as diet and exercise. However, in this day and age, many people, especially the younger generations enjoy staying up late at night. Normally we call these people “night owls”. Do you know how to say it in Chinese?

In Chinese, night is translated to “ (夜)”, and “owl” translated to “māo tóu yīng (猫头鹰)”. So the equivalent phrase for “night owl” is “yè māo zi (夜猫子)”.

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Nǐ xǐ huān zǎo qǐ, ér nǐ de shì yǒu què shì gè yè māo zi!
你 喜  欢   早  起,而你的 室   友    却  是  个 夜  猫   子!
You are an early bird while your roommate is a night owl!

Let’s take a look at some other Chinese phrases related to sleep.

1. Áo yè (熬夜): stay up late

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Nǐ jīng cháng áo yè ma?
你  经     常     熬 夜 吗?
Do you often stay up late?

Xiǎo míng zuó wǎn áo yè le.
小      明     昨    晚  熬  夜 了。
Xiao Ming stayed up late last night.

2. Shī mián (失眠): insomnia; sleeplessness

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Wǒ zuì jìn yǒu diǎn shī mián.
我   最  近  有    点   失   眠。
I’ve been suffering from insomnia recently.

Wǎn shàng hē nóng kā fēi huò nóng chá kě néng yǐn qǐ shī mián.
晚       上     喝   浓    咖 啡   或    浓    茶   可   能   引  起  失   眠。
Strong coffee or tea late at night may cause sleeplessness.

Not getting enough quality sleep regularly raises the risk of many diseases and disorders, so we hope every one of you can have a nice sleep every night! What other Chinese words or phrases do you want learn? You’re welcome to comment in the section below!

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