Qi Men Dun Jia Outlook for October 2022

The solar month Geng Xu begins on the 8th of October 2022.  Its first day Jia Wu 甲午 coincides with the 13th day of the 9th lunar month.

In Qi Men Dun Jia the pillar Jia Wu 甲午 is represented by heavenly stem Xin , Yin Metal. It is a symbol of value, stocks, precious metals, and jewellery. It can also represent sharp objects, such as needles or knives, toxins, weapons and the like. These symbols may appear on the daily news bulletins throughout October and beginning of November.

Lunar Day #13

The lunar day 13 is neither positive nor negative. From the personal transformation perspective, it is beneficial. This is the day when we get a chance to fix old situations. We may accidentally get to see somebody we have long forgotten about or encounter old situation, but on this day, we are able to see things in a different light. This time around our task is to harmonise, to heal, to resolve and to bring this old situation to closure, so that we can move on. ‘Sweeping things under the rug’ on the 8th of October is not a good idea.

Fire Penalty

The Jia Wu 甲午 day, the first day of the month, starts with the Fire penalty (Yin – Wu – Xu). Apart from the possible heart, eyes, or cardiovascular issues, the month of Geng Xu could bring to the surface our suppressed emotions. As we know, the best strategy is to accept the way we feel, speak up and move on.  The good news is that now we are strong enough to deal with our challenges.

The heavenly stem Geng is supported by the earthly branch Xu . On the one hand, the branch ( Earth) produces the stem ( Metal) making it stronger.  On the other, the Metal has passed its peak in Shen

(Monkey) and during the month of Xu (Dog) it goes into storage. The time of Metal is over, so it is time to ‘cut the old branches off’ in preparation for winter when everything gets transformed.

Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is taking place on the 25th of October 2022. It will be visible in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. What happens during this time will have long term consequences. We can observe the world events around the Eclipse to draw our own conclusions.

Same is true for our personal events, but we cannot just sit and observe. If we understand that the future is in the making during this time, we could try harder to plant the right seeds, the ones which we truly want to see blossoming one day.

What does it mean for us? We tend to scatter our attention in all the directions. During the eclipses, we need to try to stay mentally focused on our goals.

This is a perfect time for self-reflection, drawing the right conclusions and analysing the past. We need to realistically evaluate our strengths and vulnerabilities, and this is not about eliminating the latter. This is about finding a healthy balance between the life purpose and our lifestyle. All the life experiences are precious, so they need to be validated rather than dismissed. We are who we are, and now it is the time to take a mental step into the future, creating our vision of it best we can.

Monthly Event Trends

In terms of the event trends, we may see the following:

  • Massive protests across the world
  • Backlash against fake news (as there will be more)
  • Political backstabbing
  • Provocations
  • Famous people experience sudden situations
  • The crisis of governance deepens in countries corresponding to W, N & NW
  • The law-and-order agencies are under immense pressure
  • Riot police injures protesters
  • Shootings, street gang violence
  • Sports injuries
  • Unfortunate incidents at sport venues & night clubs
  • Earthquake or volcano eruption near the coastal area
  • Women fight for justice
  • Sex harassment cases come to light
  • Refugee crisis worsens
  • Misappropriation of funds, corruption
  • News about smuggling, drugs and black market
  • Fire accidents, arson, terror attacks in countries associated with SW direction
  • Dangerous situation relating to flooding or dam destruction in the E, SW
  • Burst pipes at central locations (CBD)
  • Existing military conflicts worsening (Ukraine, Yemen)
  • Possibility of new military conflict
  • New weapons tests
  • Inflation spirals out of control
  • Stocks market in turmoil
  • Food, water, oil, blood, medical supply shortages

Countries in focus: USA, UK, Ukraine, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan

The most inauspicious sector in the house is SE, with the monthly PWS#2 flying into Xun Palace. If a property has the front door, facing or sitting associated with this direction, the residents may like to consider visiting the doctor for a health check.

The PWS#5 in Dui palace may turn nasty given it is hosted by the annual PWS#7. The chances of falls, accidents and injuries are higher than usual. The Moon Deity here could make it difficult to fix any issues, as they would be hard to detect. Taking precautions and sleeping in a different room could help.

The best sector to utilize is NE (Gen). For business owners, this direction could provide some extra support.

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