Luxury Fashion Brands in China Embrace Middle-Aged Actresses

A group that has long been missing from public view is regaining recognition in a sector that has mostly favored young faces.

During an award ceremony in 2020, Hai Qing called out ageism in China’s entertainment industry and demanded more work opportunities for middle-aged actresses. It seems that more than just television and film producers were listening to the 44-year-old celebrity.

Two years later, Hai has been regularly collaborating with top global high-end fashion labels such as the French brand Chanel and Italy’s Max Mara. Known for her roles in blockbuster drama “Return to Dust” and TV series “Dwelling Narrowness,” the actress was most recently seen in Chanel haute couture during the FIRST International Film Festival in August.

Hai is among a growing number of acclaimed middle-aged Chinese actresses now partnering with major international fashion brands, as they shift away from younger celebrities and embrace a more diverse group of influencers. Industry watchers attribute the change to the combined effects of China’s steadily aging society, an evolving perception of beauty.

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