Practitioner’s Luo Pan User Guide

Now for the first-time, steps to align and read each of the 11 Rings of a San Yuan Luo Pan in detail. Based on Grand Master Joseph Yu’s Design.

In addition to the Academica section, there is a fiction based on real case study.  You get to follow along with the fictious Mr. Jinn (the client) as he hires a Feng Shui Master. (Master Gay Lee)

The story centers on suggesting ways of using the rings of the Luo Pan for each phase of a typical consultation. Ranging from site selection in the macro realm to placing the furniture at the micro stage.

Handy Ring references are made throughout the story for each technique being applied. So you can then easily follow along in both theory and practical application

Included are instructions on Trigrams, Hexagrams, Ba Zhai, Flying Stars, Da Gua, Seasonal Nodes, Na Yin, Astrology, Date Selection, Replacement Stars, Divination, YiJing topics and more.  All depicted in both academic and story form.  The author shares all this knowledge based on her extensive training, teaching and practicing skills developed over the past two decades.

Students with basic knowledge of the subject matter will be able to follow the detailed instructions easily.

The format of this book is based on Grand Master Joseph Yu’s courses and his 11 ring Luo Pan.  However, this material can be used for any San Yuan Luo Pan as the rings are usually the same.

This book is a professional level compendium of formulas written for the layman.  Even with no professional training in the technique, if you have basic practitioner skills you will find the material useful. While the book does not replace the classes, it gives you enough understanding that you could use each of the rings in a professional manner at your next consultation.  Not only making  you look professional, but also working professionally.

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