Jaeger-LeCoultre stylish fusion: Celebrating Chinese New Year with tradition and modernity

The luxury watch brand released a short film featuring Jaeger-LeCoultre global ambassador Jackson Yee to mark Chinese New Year.

Jaeger-LeCoultre earlier this month unveiled a short film featuring global ambassador Jackson Yee in celebration of Chinese New Year.

The watchmaker brand under the Richemont Group showcases the Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon Moon model in the movie, titled The Best Is Yet to Come, Right on Time, which presents a narrative that delves into nostalgia and anticipates an expansive future.

With the Year of the Dragon fast approaching, luxury brands are initiating their annual marketing campaigns in the Chinese market. For Jaeger-LeCoultre, Chinese New Year serves as an opportunity to fortify its localized brand communication strategy from a domestic perspective.

This approach aligns with the festival’s profound significance in Chinese culture and the theme of transitioning from the old to the new.

Jing Daily explores Jaeger-LeCoultre’s nuanced marketing strategy in the Chinese market, using the Chinese New Year short film as a lens onto the value the brand has accumulated over its nearly 200-year history.

Rediscovering time through a modern lens

As the new year’s dawn bathes the winter landscape in light, the past year’s achievements are tallied. The Best Is Yet to Come, Right on Time focuses on the accomplishments of Chinese actor and Jaeger-LeCoultre global ambassador Jackson Yee over the past year. The topic resonates with contemporary individuals as they pursue their personal endeavors and aligns with their values.

“Every New Year invites us to pause and reflect on what we have achieved, to realize how much more we are capable of, and to set our intentions for what we can create in the coming year,” says Yee in the film. “That moment becomes our guiding star as we step into the future and, for me, it provides powerful inspiration as I continue to grow, both professionally and personally.” Continue to read the full article here

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