From Xiaohongshu fame to dressing Doja Cat: LFW’s Chinese designers

Your quick-fire guide to the Chinese designers-to-know at London Fashion Week’s Fall 2024 showcase.

Known as a platform that consistently champions emerging talent, London Fashion Week (LFW), which turns 40 this year, is a hotspot for Chinese designers. The Fall 2024 showcase runs from Friday to February 20, and once again, London is proving itself as the place to scout and celebrate talent from China.

From more established names, such as red carpet mainstay Huishan Zhang and Xiaohongshu favorites Susan Fang and Mithridate, to peachy debuts like Momonary, here are the Chinese designers-to-know on the upcoming LFW schedule.

Susan Fang

Founded: 2017

Social media presence: Xiaohongshu (11,300 followers and #susanfang has 5.6 million views), Weibo (105,000 followers), Instagram (63,400 followers)

KOLs dressed: Griff, Alexa Chung, and Nicola Roberts

Signature: Tiered tulle dresses

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