Various ways to say “Do you like” in Chinese

The common expressions and their uses in sentences

你喜欢……吗?(Nǐ xǐhuān …… ma?)


This is the most straightforward way to ask “Do you like?” in Chinese, suitable for both formal and informal contexts.


你喜欢这首歌吗?(Nǐ xǐhuān zhè shǒu gē ma?) Do you like this song?

你喜欢目前的自己吗?(Nǐ xǐhuān mùqián de zìjǐ ma?) Do you like your current self?

你喜欢边泡澡边听歌吗?(Nǐ xǐhuān biān pào zǎo biān tīng gē ma?) Do you like listening to music while taking a bath?

你喜不喜欢……?(Nǐ xǐ bù xǐhuān ……?)


This construction offers a choice between liking and not liking something, making it a direct but slightly softer way to ask.


你喜不喜欢吃辣的?(Nǐ xǐ bù xǐhuān chī là de?) Do you like eating spicy food?

你喜不喜欢住大房子?(Nǐ xǐ bù xǐhuān zhù dà fángzi?) Do you like living in a big house?

你喜不喜欢有孩子的生活?(Nǐ xǐ bù xǐhuān yǒu háizi de shēnghuó?) Do you like having a life with children?

The extended phrases to express “do you like” in Chinese

你觉得怎么样?(Nǐ juéde zěnme yàng?)


Literally means “What do you think?” but can be used to ask if someone likes something, often in a more indirect or polite way.


这件衣服你觉得怎么样?(Zhè jiàn yīfu nǐ juéde zěnme yàng?) What do you think about this piece of clothing? (implying “Do you like it?”)

你觉得这个男人怎么样?(Nǐ juéde zhège nánrén zěnme yàng?) What do you think of this man? (implying “Do you like him?”)

你对……有兴趣吗?(Nǐ duì……yǒu xìngqù ma?)


Means “Are you interested in……?” and is used to inquire about someone’s interest in a specific topic or activity.


你对学习中文有兴趣吗?(Nǐ duì xuéxí Zhōngwén yǒu xìngqù ma?) Are you interested in learning Chinese?

你对爬山有兴趣吗?(Nǐ duì páshān yǒu xìngqù ma?) Are you interested in mountain climbing?

你爱好……吗?(Nǐ àihào …… ma?)


This phrase asks about hobbies or things one loves to do. It’s more specific to hobbies or deeper interests.


你爱好画画吗?(Nǐ àihào huàhuà ma?) Do you like to paint?

你爱好游泳吗?(Nǐ àihào yóuyǒng ma?) Do you like swimming?

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