Learn Chinese Insights Podcast Episode 047: Anthony

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In this podcast episode, Canadian Anthony Van Dyck details the steps he took to self teach himself Mandarin Chinese, which enabled him to branch out from teaching English and climb the corporate ladder all the way to COO of an energy company in Taiwan.

Listen to find out:

What brought him to Taiwan
What it was like living in Chiayi in the 80s
His first words in Mandarin
How he learned Bopomofo (zhuyin fuhao)
What business culture was like in rural Taiwan
Distinguishing between Taiwanese Mandarin and standard Chinese
Learning to count in Chinese
Learning Chinese from movies
Learning Chinese from love songs
Making friends with Taiwanese
Learning Chinese from the iPhone
Learning Chinese on the job
How speaking Chinese got him promoted
His Chinese phone hotline story
How he switched career paths
Why CVs aren’t good enough to get a job
Raising bilingual kids in Taiwan
Education in Taiwan
The problem with education in Taiwan
Why expats should learn Chinese
The benefit of an Master’s degree
A useful idiom to learn
How to develop your social environment in Taiwan
How to learn new idioms

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