Various ways to say “How much is it” in Chinese

The common expressions

多少钱? (Duōshǎo qián?)


This is the most common and straightforward way to ask the price of something. It’s suitable for both formal and informal contexts.


这个包多少钱?(Zhège bāo duōshǎo qián?) How much is this bag?

A:这条裙子看起来不错。(Zhè tiáo qúnzi kàn qǐlái bùcuò.) This skirt looks nice.
B:多少钱?(Duōshǎo qián?) How much is it?

The uses in sentences

这个多少钱? (Zhège duōshǎo qián?)


A slightly more specific way of asking how much something costs, focusing on the item in question.


(You can directly point out any specific item you want and ask.)

这个(要)多少钱? (Zhège yào duōshǎo qián?) How much is this?

这瓶水要多少钱?(Zhè píng shuǐ yào duōshǎo qián?) How much does this bottle of water cost?

总共多少钱? (Zǒnggòng duōshǎo qián?)


It’s used to inquire about the total cost of multiple items or services.


我们这些东西总共多少钱?(Wǒmen zhèxiē dōngxi zǒnggòng duōshǎo qián?) How much is the total for all these items?

我要这个、这个和那个。总共多少钱?(Wǒ yào zhège, zhège hé nàge. Zǒnggòng duōshǎo qián?) I want this, this, and that one. How much is the total?

A:这是您的咖啡和面包。(Zhè shì nín de kāfēi hé miànbāo.)
B:总共多少钱?(Zǒnggòng duōshǎo qián?)

The extended phrases to express “how much is it” in Chinese

这个收费怎么样? (Zhège shōufèi zěnme yàng?)


This is a less direct way to inquire about the cost, often used when discussing services or fees rather than goods.


停车场的这个收费怎么样?(Tíngchē chǎng de zhège shōufèi zěnme yàng?) How are the charges for this parking lot?

健身房的这个收费怎么样?(Jiànshēnfáng de zhège shōufèi zěnme yàng?) How are the fees for this gym?

这个多少钱一个? (Zhège duōshǎo qián yí gè?)


When you want to know the price per unit of something, this phrase is particularly useful. And you can change the measure words according to the item, such as 条, 把, 斤, 套 and so on. (115 Frequently Used Chinese Measure Words)


这个苹果多少钱一个?(Zhège píngguǒ duōshǎo qián yí gè?) How much is one apple?

咖啡多少钱一杯?(Kāfēi duōshǎo qián yī bēi?) How much is a cup of coffee?

这种鱼多少钱一条?(Zhè zhǒng yú duōshǎo qián yī tiáo?) How much is one of these fish?

价钱是多少? (Jiàqián shì duōshǎo?)


A formal way of asking about the price, suitable for when you’re seeking a precise figure.


这项服务的价钱是多少?(Zhè xiàng fúwù de jiàqián shì duōshǎo?) What is the price of this service?

这套房子的价钱是多少?(Zhè tào fángzi de jiàqián shì duōshǎo?) How much is the price of this house?

一日导游的价钱是多少?(Yī rì dǎoyóu de jiàqián shì duōshǎo?) How much is the price for a day’s tour guide?

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