Why many language teachers fail at teaching Mandarin Chinese [Podcast Interview]

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American Jenna Cody details how she learned Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, while living in Taiwan and why she feels many teachers and language schools fail at teaching Mandarin Chinese.

Listen to find out:

What brought her to Asia
How she initially learned Chinese in China
How she resumed learning Chinese in Taiwan
Why she didn’t like her first language schools
Her self study process to learn Chinese
The problem with most language teaching systems
How her Chinese benefits her in daily life in Taiwan
Her current jobs in Taiwan
What career advice she has for expats in Taiwan
Why she started learning the Taiwanese language
The resources she uses to learn Taiwanese
How the romanization and tones work in Taiwanese
The reaction she gets in public from speaking Taiwanese
How Taiwanese people mix Taiwanese and Mandarin
What she would have done differently if she were to start learning again
What she recommends students look for in a teacher
How she practices reading
How flashcard systems can be beneficial

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