In an attempt to better communicate some key-contents of the food labeling regulations, SAMR has published a “Picture to understand the label of pre-packaged food” post on their website.

This is a kind of simplified guidelines/vademecum for consumers to understand the main details of food labels that they should pay attention to.

Some of the key contents include:

  • Specifies that “prepackaged food” does not include bulk food nor “made-and-sold- on-site” food;
  • Stresses the importance of naming foods in compliance with regulated definition. For example, fruit juice with addition of water shall be named as “juice beverages”, not as “fruit juices”;
  • Express recommendation to consumers to buy products with very recent production date (and far from shelf-life end) to ensure freshness;
  • Recommends clear and recognizable labeling for ingredients containing allergens – i.e. “natural or artificial substances in food that can induce allergic reaction”;
  • Reminds that additives shall be labeled with their specific name or code, and not with generic references such as “colorant” and “sweeteners”;
  • Reminds that GMO food or irradiated food shall be clearly labeled as such.

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