Headlines From China: The viral rise of Chinese-style beauty and ‘Douyin makeup’ on TikTok

The viral rise of Chinese-style beauty and ‘Douyin makeup’ on TikTok

How did one of China’s most popular makeup aesthetics become a major trend across Western social media? While Western beauty brands have dominated Asia’s markets for the past few decades, C-beauty aesthetics and brands may be poised to take over. Over the past few years, China’s “Douyin makeup” trend has been making waves among Western users across social media platforms like TikTok. Both platforms are owned by Chinese tech giant Bytedance. Read more Jing Daily

Backlash to ‘Lipstick King’ Li Jiaqi sparks a new trend, with Chinese brands rolling out 79 RMB deals

What Happened: Following the explosive backlash against China’s top livestream anchor Li Jiaqi last week, one Chinese domestic haircare brand “Fenghua” has become an overnight sensation by offering three new cleansing packages on its livestreaming channel priced at 79 RMB ($10.82), the same price of the eyebrow pencil that sparked Li’s controversy. Fenghua made headlines and gained about 500,000 new followers across all its social platforms in just one day.

Li Jiaqi, also known as ‘Lipstick King’ and Austin Li, apologized on Weibo on September 11 for inappropriate remarks he made to a consumer during one of his broadcasts on Taobao Live, Alibaba’s livestreaming platform. Read more Jing Daily

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