Who are China’s top ‘noble lady’ KOLs? And why luxury brands should take note

Jing Daily identifies five names leading the ‘noble lady’ influencer trend and influencing wealthy consumers’ premium purchases.

Despite challenging economic times in China, a group of women and men from high net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) households is sharing their daily lives online — attending lavish gatherings, ordering couture pieces, and collecting high-end jewelry — and has amassed impressive followings.

Known as “noble ladies” (富家千金), these posters have gained traction on Xiaohongshu, where 90 percent of users comprises Gen Z individuals from top-tier cities. The proliferation of these KOLs is refining and reshaping the luxury fashion tastes of young Chinese consumers who aspire to this lifestyle.

Isabella Ye @1saye

Xiaohongshu: 1.85 Million followers

Total Media Impact Value (MIV*): $5.54 million (39.8 million RMB)

At just 24 years old, Isabella Ye (@1saye) stands out as a representative of the noble lady style on Xiaohongshu. Standing at 170cm tall and weighing a mere 45kg, Ye is renowned for her attractive, slim and elegant appearance. Her cultivated image of “pure, noble, and soft femininity” has garnered an impressive following of 1.85 million on the lifestyle platform.

Numerous fashion accounts dedicated to dissecting celebrities’ and bloggers’ “outfits of the day” (OOTD), such as Mumu (@沐木), frequently showcase Ye’s style on Xiaohongshu under the tag “Learn the noble lady style from @1saye’s outfits.”

Particularly noteworthy are Ye’s jewelry pieces, including Graff’s butterfly necklace, Van Cleef’s Perlée clovers, and Bulgari’s Serpenti Viper, all of which have gained popularity on Xiaohongshu. Netizens believe these high-end jewelry accessories can elevate the wearer’s image and outfit.

Given Ye’s substantial influence, high-end jewelry brands are seeking collaborations with her. A recent tie-up with Buccellati saw Ye co-create a post for the Year of the Dragon, coincidentally her own Chinese zodiac sign.

In the post, Ye showcases a Buccellati Macri bracelet, Opera Tulle red enamel necklace, and Rombi earrings. Accompanying her is Buccellati’s silver ‘Bu BU Dragon’ trinket, designed to bring good luck. The partnership is an astute one, as many young girls born in the Year of the Dragon seek red-themed inspiration for their own zodiac year and easily relate to Ye’s style. Continue to read the full article here

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